Ride and Stride

The 2018 Ride and Stride is coming!

This year, the intrepid cyclists of All Saints have set themselves the challenge of cycling from King's Lynn to Fr. Paul's new church of Holy Trinity, Hempton - a distance of about thirty miles. Along the way, we'll be taking in thirty churches!

What is the Ride and Stride?

The Ride and Stride is a national event that takes place each year, to raise money for historic churches. The money we raise will be split equally between the Norfolk Churches Trust and our church. (Fr. Paul's sponsorship will be split between the NCT and Holy Trinity, Hempton.)

The All Saints Ride and Stride team of a former year!

Getting involved - three ways!

  1. Sponsor us!

The main aim of the day - besides seeing the country churches of Norfolk - is to raise money for our churches. Each penny raised will help not only to keep our church and others like it open, but also to help us better serve the community we're in. To sponsor us, speak to Fr. Adrian, Fr. Paul, or Fr. Joshua.

  1. Cycle with us!

So far our team is up to six - but the more the merrier! Why not join us? Norfolk is blessed with hundreds of beautiful churches - along the way we'll see a small fraction of those. Come and explore! If you're interested in cycling, speak to Fr. Adrian, Fr. Paul or Fr. Joshua.

  1. Sit the church!

We aren't the only people doing the Ride and Stride - and other teams will be visiting our church. Why not sit in the church for an hour or two to welcome visitors?